My Weekly Budget Tracker MWBT - Home Budget Expense Planner, Daily & Monthly Spending Tracker

Platform: iPhone & iPad

Category: Finance

Version: 1.2

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App description:

MWBT help you save money, Monthly, Weekly, Daily budget control. Know where the money went.

MWBT by weekly spending budget, weekly countdown, allowing you more intuitive understanding of all of your expenses.

Flexible and customizable

• Custom Categories
• iCloud syncing and backup
• Export CSV (Excel) Data
• the number of days countdown for each month; let you know how much money the month
• Weekly countdown, let expenditure control in budget
• keep records of past expenditure
• Weekly history list

User-friendly design
• Top of the weekly budget, spending, the balance display
• Balance warning category
• know the balance of each category of spending all entries & & Expenditure Amount Percentage (%)
• beautiful graphics, analysis of expenditure trends
• Statistical analysis of all expenditures &

Ease of use
• Just three seconds
• Amount, Category (optional: Date)

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