Spending Tracker SpendNext2 - Monthly Budget and expense planner with accounts checkbook

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Version: 1.4

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App description:

SpendNext2 is a simple and intuitive financial accounting of this. Just click and several simple actions, SpendNext2 can easily collated daily, weekly, monthly expenses, so your own personal financial circumstances have a more detailed understanding, let your spending smarter.

SpendNext2 can have multiple account books, custom categories, make note of the old bills and so on.

- First, set a budget amount each month, then monthly spending cap will be in control of your budget is set, the real control of their finances.
- The monthly budget, spending, the balance are clear.
- Each record will tell you what kind of category, expenditure patterns, date, day of week.
- Associated with each account record can be based on the year, every year the monthly statistics, browse, edit, and so on.
- You can freely change the account name, the category name and category icons, the budget balance.
- The monthly cost of statistical charts, including the total amount, percentage, category and so on.
- Select a date range to export CSV data.
- Select and set a different date format.

- SpendNext2 by a love life love accounting team completed the design and development. After using too many features sophisticated accounting software, they determined to design a more simple and easy to use, fast and convenient.
- If they can really help you to to do personal finance, please give a evaluation on App Store, we will continue to update and improve.

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