Begin With Microsoft Office Word 2007 Edition for Beginners

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Lecture 01. Word Interface 1
Lecture 02. Word Interface 2
Lecture 03. Word Interface 3
Lecture 04. Entering Text 1
Lecture 05. Entering Text 2
Lecture 06. Editing Text 2
Lecture 07. Editing Text 3
Lecture 08. Formatting Text
Lecture 09. Editing Text 1
Lecture 10. Using the Clipboard
Lecture 11. Saving & Loading
Lecture 12. Printing, Emailing
Lecture 13. Review Lesson
Lecture 14. Compatibility and PDF (Section 1 of 2)
Lecture 15. Getting Started - 60 Day Free Download
Lecture 16. Formatting Text
Lecture 17. Making Customized Keyboard Shortcuts
Lecture 18. Customizing The Quick Access Toolbar
Lecture 19. How To Get Rid Of That Annoying Mini Toolbar
Lecture 20. Working With Text Boxes
Lecture 21. Getting Help and Using The Interactive Command Reference Guide
Lecture 22. Compatibility and PDF (Section 2 of 2)
Lecture 23. Using The Keyboard For Productivity And For Users With Disabilities
Lecture 24. Getting and Installing Free Fonts
Lecture 25. Working With Pictures
Lecture 26. Working With ClipArt
Lecture 27. Working With WordArt
Lecture 28. Making a Simple Certificate
Lecture 29. Making a More Advanced Certificate
Lecture 30. Making A Certificate With A Template
Lecture 31. Making A Simple Poster
Lecture 32. Making A More Advanced Poster
Lecture 33. Saving Templates and Making Documents From Saved Files
Lecture 34. (1/2) Making Custom Cards for Valentine's Day, Birthdays, and Other Occasions
Lecture 35. (2/2) Making Custom Cards for Valentine's Day, Birthdays, and Other Occasions
Lecture 36. Making An Envelope
Lecture 37. Inserting Movie Files (Avi, Mov, MPEG, Flash SWF)
Lecture 38. Inserting YouTube Videos Into Word
Lecture 39. Help With Writing Reports Papers and Getting Research - Proofread MLA APA

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