Daily Sales Tracker 3 + Inventory Tracker & Manage

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Category: Finance

Version: 2.9

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App description:

DailySales 3 - Simple and practical. Sales, purchasing, inventory management, and detailed statistical analysis.

For the majority of businessmen and self-employed sales management, purchasing management, production management, financial management, asset management tools.

Main features:

- Management of procurement, sales, inventory, products, suppliers, customers, personal finance

- Business order, product inventory receipt receipt, can be preview and share at any time

- Support for custom products (product category and subclass), accounting category (parent class and subclass), multiple accounts, custom product units, model, reference price, purchase price, initial stock, etc.

- Each order, corresponding to one or more commodity items, and automatically calculate the amount of orders payable, the total amount receivable

- Commodity units, models, notes for selection, so that the input data more quickly

- Provide bar chart, pie chart statistics

- Quick Find to match all products, financial data

- Touch ID & gesture password protection data

- Personal financial aspects, to provide automatic / manual billing mode, you can choose the date fill

- Select different order types, two date ranges to export data, export Excel data by mail

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