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In STEP1, "I'm in the belly of the theme" taemong pool, taegyo music, good food to children, health information, including guidelines for dealing with it when the stomach contents of the fetus is covered.
STEP2 is "I'm walking," which reads on the topic of fairy tales, the growing season, immunization, parenting, and this information contains information such as when the infant is dealing with the contents of the baby. STEP3 topics include "self-diagnosis, sex education Q / A,
Childhood, adolescence, dealing with such information, while a child growing up with parents about what you may encounter problems and deal with parts. Finally,
In STEP 4, "Honey Love" as the theme of government policies supporting maternity, obstetrics and gynecology, Pediatrics, FAQ, parental diaries, has dealt with a baby on the UCC.

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