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Animal Hair Salon goes to mysterious SPACE! Join your favorite furry pets on their brand new and crazy cool style makeover adventures! Explore different planets, meet adorable aliens and get amazing hair and fashion makeovers according to local trends! Develop your fashion and hair styling skills!

Leopard Amy, Pomeranian puppy Pepper, panda Pandora and giraffe Rachel got their spacesuits on and went off to explore hair styling and beauty trends on alien planets. Free your creativity and be the best animal hair stylist in the whole universe. You know what to do – wash, shampoo, rinse, dry, comb, cut, shave, dye and style hair. Dress up your hairy friends in crazy cute outer space clothes and design the coolest cosmic outfits!

Visit the coolest dress up salon on the hot red planet of Mars with giraffe Rachel! Choose among tons of neon colored clothes, accessories and wigs! Green, blue, pink and any other color of rainbow!

Take leopard Amy to the fluffy pink planet of Venus and visit the best hair salon! Meet local ladies with interesting Japanese-inspired style and try to follow it! Change Amy’s natural curly hair into a fantasy geisha hairstyle with blue highlights! Choose among colorful kimonos and amazing accessories!

Meet panda Pandora on Neptune - a planet with beautiful sea, the best waves for surfing and super relaxed aliens! Create a stylish side cut for Pandora and color her hair in fun colors! Jump on your surfboard and conquer these waves!

Did you know that Pluto is an ice cream planet? Well, now you do! Travel to Pluto with puppy Pepper and meet the cutest fluffy aliens! Make a crazy ponytail hairstyle for Pepper and color his fur with a natural dye made from berries! Now the puppy looks just like local creatures!

Play Space Animal Hair Salon cosmic pet style makeover games for kids:
· Leopard Amy is on the fluffy pink planet. Style her hair and create a fantasy space geisha look!
· Help Pomeranian puppy Pepper look like his new tiny furry alien friends from the ice cream planet!
· Panda Pandora landed on the surfing planet, create her a wild and cool surfer’s look!
· Dress up Giraffe Rachel – she is on the perfect planet for fashionistas with tons of space fashion items and crazy hairstyles!
· Wash, cut, shave, comb, color and style fluffy fur and hair!
· Make your own hair styling tools and hair dye!
· Dress your favorite animals with colorful cosmic clothes and hair accessories!
· Watch videos for kids, get bonus coins and use them to unlock new game items!
· Play Space Animal Hair Salon every day and collect space trophies!

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