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App description:

Voice Recorder Pro is among the best voice and sound recorders in Google Play market.
It provides High Quality Recording of voice and sound just like Audacity with a Beautiful animated interface.
The Colourful wave animation allows you to monitor your Volume while recording.
It allows you to generate High Definition Audio files and play them when and as you want.

- HD voice quality.
- Easy to use User Interface
- Can be used single handed
- Features :
* High Quality recordings
* Play, stop audio file.
* Send/Share your recording.
* Delete your recording from the app
* Save the recording file.
* Live colourful spectrum
* Recording in background (even when display is off)
* Simplified recording list
* Share your recording to social media like facebook, twitter, whatsapp, or instant messaging services like MMS.
* Using external hardware to record

-Recording time is monitored via round timer


* Record your karaoke and share it with people.

* Record voices as journalist.
* Detect noise level in your room using the wave meter.

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Voice Recorder
Voice Recorder HD
Sound Recorder
Sound Recorder Pro
Voice Recorder Pro
Voice Recorder HD pro

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