Voice Recorder Pro

Platform: Android

Category: Productivity

Version: 1.0

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App description:

The Recorder Voice Recorder Pro is simple, you can play at the time and easy to use audio and voice recording and download them to your Android. Use it to record meetings, classes and notes, no limits!


★ Burn files for lossless recording files with a good balance between quality and size, 3GP to save space.

★ It's very easy to share and manage your recordings. Everything is accessible also through your external storage device.

★ No time constraints, push notifications or SMS spam.

Features Pro
These are some of the enhancements included in pro:
★ Supports Bluetooth.
★ Supports stereo.
★ Supports folders.


The Recorder Voice Recorder Pro is not intended to serve as a call recorder. The Recorder Voice Recorder Pro can not be compatible with all devices and all configurations, and the quality of the recordings will always be limited by the quality of the device's microphone.


If there is any problem, please contact me

 by email and we can solve the problem together. I can not follow or respond to comments left.

TAG: app, Android,Productivity

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