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Light Bible is a quick and free Bible app that delivers new Bible verses from the King James Bible (KJV Bible) each day. Study for just 21 minutes every day, read the Holy Bible and listen to God’s Words, will greatly help you grow your faith step by step. Inspire your mind with daily Bible verses. Learn how to apply Bible verses to your life. Download the best Bible app to get closer to God.

Light Bible app is your best daily bible companion, your bible learning master, companion at church services, fellowship groups and religious studies, all for the handy features it offers:

Meditate on the Holy Bible

- Inspiring Bible verses: a different Bible quote is delivered to your device on a daily basis. The package also includes thoughts, prayer and daily devotional on that specific verse.

- Easy on the eye: we offer hand-picked, amazing verse images for each verse.

- Share: easily share the verse with your friends and family.

- Study the verse within context: tap on the verse and read the whole chapter in case you get lost on its meaning.

- Swipe to the left or right to navigate past Bible quotes completely offline: you don't have to be connected to the internet to revisit on the wisdom of previous verses. Bible verse, thoughts, prayer and daily devotional... They all come without access to the internet.

Play daily Bible quiz

- Each Bible quiz question has 4 possible answers.

- Bible quiz questions are from any section of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation and everything in between.

- Test your Bible knowledge and remember Bible verses in various kinds of Bible quiz.

- Share your favorite Biblical quiz with friends and family!

Study daily devotional

- We aim to help you understand the verse more deeply with the assistance of a carefully chosen daily devotional on the verse.

- We offer multiple sources of devotionals to choose from. You can read your favorite pastors and popular websites.

Bible reading plans

- Hundreds of reading plan to choose from: the lengths of reading plans range from 2 days to more than a year. Don't worry if you don't know where to get started.

- A large number of topics covering every aspect of life to help you get through crises.

- Reading plans offer an organized way for genuine Bible study, not just scratching the surface of it.

Earn badges as an encouragement

The badges on the Bible app are little awards for reaching every small milestone on your Bible study journey such as reading the Bible every day. The progress record on home page tracks how many consecutive days you've been interacting with God. Let it be a reminder for you to strive for a stronger relationship with Jesus.

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Download and use Light Bible now. You are going to love how easy to use it is!

Please like, review, and share our Bible app! If you have any suggestion for how we can improve Light Bible app or want us to make other Bible-related apps, please email us at

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