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Kids, parents, teachers and critics love this funny & charming interactive dinosaur storybook. 

* Kirkus Top Picks for Storybook Apps
* Digital Storytime Top Picks for Storybook Apps
* iStoryTime Best Picks for Storybook Apps
* Picked as a favorite by Top Kid Apps
* A best app pick by Geeks With Juniors
* Awarded prestigious Kirkus Star
* Held #3 spot in iTunes Book App Store!

See what happens after Leo and his dad buy the HUGE eggs at the grocery store. Touch the screen to find funny animations!

*** In English
*** Funny, creative, and beautifully illustrated.
*** 23 pages full of surprises for kids to discover.
*** Read to yourself or follow along options.
*** Easy navigation for kids of all ages.
*** Perfect for classroom, home, or on the go reading.

Developed by Bluemarker.com LLC whose clients include PBS, Scholastic Inc., Wiley Publishing, Little Brown Books and Barnes & Noble.

Developer's Awards:
Two Emmy Nominations 2013 Web Producers on PBS's Chuck Vanderchuck

PBS New York Wins 2012 Silver W3 for best children's site "Oh Noah!"
Emmy Nomination 2012 Art Direction for PBS's "Oh Noah!"
Emmy Nomination 2012 Animation for PBS's "Oh Noah!"2012
Emmy Nomination 2010 Art Direction for PBS's Artopia
Emmy Nomination 2010 Animation for PBS's Artopia
Emmy Nomination 2008 Art Direction for PBS's Cyberchase

Dino-Store is written by Roger Sedarat and Illustrated by Trade Loeffler.

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